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Php_Lsa is ment for small scale experiment and applications like we did at the ounl (for instance adaptive tuning of parameters).
Because the extension can be called and controlled from php it can easily be linked to many sources of external date.
It is written specifically as a php for win32 extension so will only run on windows.

Please note it's no longer hosted here but (again) at

Some features:
  • Php_Llsa supports three different decomposition engines of which two external (GTP / SVDLIBC) and one internal (ALGLIB).
  • It also supports importing directly from various document types (Word, PFD, PowerPoint) and sources (FTP, NNTP, (Remote) File System).
  • Other sources can easily be added by using php to retrieve text from for instance Rss feeds, OAI PMH (harvester) targets or scrape WebPages.
  • The extension also contains all routines for cleaning up the texts that are retrieved.
  • I have used it to build a Drupal Block that supplies the visitor with related content.

System requirements
  • For Use
    • Php v5.2.8
  • For Development
    • Abbrevia v3.05
    • Php4Delphi v7.0
    • Pascal version of Alglib v2.0
    • SPfree
    • Optional: Wingtp
    • Optional: SvdlibC
    • Borland Delphi 7.0


Basic Setup

(Sparse) Matrix Formats

Api Methods

Api Properties

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